campsite u dvou orechu, situated in, the Bohemian Forest, Czech Republic.

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Camping U Dvou Orechu

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The Šumava 

Šumava is the Czech name for the Bohemian Forest. Šumava National Park is a UNESCO "Biosphere Reserve" and is 69,030 hectares which makes it the largest national park in the Czech Republic. It is, together with the Bavarian forest, part of the largest Central European forest area and is also known as the "green lung of Europe”. In the immediate vicinity of the National Park are several large protected areas, "CHKO programs". These areas do not have the same protection as a national park, but also apply restrictive measures to protect nature. logo off the National Park Sumava
summer in the Sumava During the communist regime was a big part of Šumava a forbidden property. This means the nature in this area was protected for 40 years to the advancing urbanization and over-exploitation of nature. In 1991, the area was declared a national park and is open to everyone. The park is about 80 percent forest, 10 percent of agriculture and the rest is used for roads, water and buildings.
Nature in the National Park is dominated by vast forests, streams, swamps, and 8 glacier lakes. In addition to the glacier lakes you will find two reservoirs, the reservoir at Nýrsko, which is used for drinking water and the famous Lake Lipno. The dam at Nýrsko should not be used for recreational purposes, Lake Lipno has limited water sports. The height of the mountains ranged between 600 and 1378 meters. The kingfisher
the lynx During a visit to the park, you will undoubtedly see deer, they come here frequently. In the absence of natural enemies, the population has substantially expanded.  To maintain a healthy population limited hunting is allowed. Happily  their old enemies return to this area. The lynx is regularity reported and it seems that in the most remote parts a single wolf returns. The quality of water in the park offers favorable conditions for the otter, trout and waterfowl such as the kingfisher.